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Action1 RMM

Remote Management and Monitoring application.


Platform File paths
Windows C:\Windows\Action1\action1_agent.exe
Windows C:\Windows\Action1\action1_remote.exe

Application logs

Filename Notes Timestamp format Log Timezone
C:\Windows\Action1\Action1_log_[date-time].log history, errors, system notifications. Incoming and outgoing connections. YYMMDD HH:MM:SS UTC
Search term Description
[REMOTE_SESSION_CONNECT] Remote session established
[Session::Disconnect] Remote session closed (also may include "closing relay socket")
Loaded instance Deploy App: Action1 used to deploy/install additional software
Session details: LogonTime YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS in UTC showing the logon time and UserName

Analyst notes

  • action1_remote.exe is evidence of remote control
  • action1_agent.exe is the basic service binary
  • C:\Windows\Action1\package_downloads is the staging location for file transfer