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Level RMM

Remote Management and Montirong application.

Application specific files

Platform File paths
Windows C:\Windows\Temp\level-windows-amd64.exe
Windows C:\Windows\Temp\level-windows-amd32.exe
Windows C:\Program Files\Level\level.exe
Filename Notes Timestamp format Timezone
level.log history, errors, system notifications. Incoming and outgoing connections. Found at C:\Program Files *\Level\ YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSS UTC

Log analysis

Search term Description
"Action":"terminal/start" Remote terminal sessions established
"agent_id": Client ID based on install.
"Capturing whole desktop" logged in level.log when desktop remote screen viewing occurs.

Analyst notes

Level uses OSQuery for recurring recon of system information. Hunting for osqueryi.exe execution where signer is “Level Software” and parent process is level.exe Level also uses winpty-agent.exe when invoking the remote termal sessions capability.