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Event logs

Event Log Event ID Provider Message
Application.evtx 102 LogMeIn XXXX has successfully logged on from IP addres X.X.X.X
Application.evtx 202 LogMeIn Remote control session started .* from IP address X.X.X.X
Application.evtx 205 LogMeIn .* ended a Remote Control Session

Application logs


  • The active log file is named LogMeIn.log
  • Older logs are stored with the naming convention LMIYYYYMMDD.log (example: the log file for January 10, 2009, would be LMI20090110.log)
  • Log files may contain public IP of the remote user, and information about file transfers
  • Datetime format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSS", timezone UNKNOWN
  • "Received file sharing ticket" - generating a download link.
    • Link is also reflected in HKLM\Software\LogMeIn\V5\WebSvc\Shared\<random>

Useful grep

File transfer|file sharing ticket